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New Protocols for Covid Safe Driving.

There are lots of new things being put in place so please read through carefully, I'm happy to run through anything that you are not sure about, so please, just ask.

As you will now be aware, driving lessons have been permitted to recommence from 4th July 2020, with tests bookable from 22nd July.

Keeping COVID safe

Our first priority however is to ensure we are COVID safe and to keep everyone healthy. We are all responsible for our own good health. If I display any symptoms, I will be booking a diagnostic test and will inform you immediately to reschedule lessons and I expect you to do the same.

I have a supply of anti-bacterial/viral wipes, spray for hard and soft surfaces and hand gel, all conforming to recommended guidelines. All contact points in the car will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each lesson, so be prepared for me arriving for your lesson in plenty of time and hanging around for a period afterwards to enable the same process before I drive away.

It's vital that you wash your hands immediately prior to your lesson and I will also have some hand sanitiser if you need it, (but please bring your own if you have it!). Please let me know in advance if you have any allergies in this respect. I also have a digital, infrared forehead thermometer. It literally takes a few seconds to display a reading and it is a requirement that I am able to conduct this test prior to the lesson taking place. If you have any objections, unfortunately the lesson cannot go ahead. If the thermometer displays an abnormal reading, you will need to go and book a test for coronavirus immediately and follow the self-isolating protocols should the result prove positive. If you would prefer to wear a face mask and/or gloves that is absolutely fine, although I have no requirement for you to do so. If you do want to wear a mask/gloves, it is important however that they do not impede your ability to see/communicate/control the car. If this becomes an issue we can discuss a way forward to negate any difficulties you may have.

Driving tests

This effectively means all driving tests that were booked in before this date will not go ahead on the original or rescheduled date. This includes if the new date you were given was from 22 July. The DVSA will email candidates again soon to ask them to go online and choose a new date and time for their test. They will also be able to cancel their booking if they want to. These candidates will be given priority for the available appointments. Please don't book anything without checking my availability first (PLEASE remember to quote my booking reference 264602) and hopefully we will be able to push the process through as quickly as possible.

For those of you with tests due to be rebooked, I will be booking in an assessment lesson to establish what will be needed to get your driving skills in shape before the test, it's probably been some time since you’ve last driven and you are likely to be a little rusty. I'm sure however once you get back in the swing of things, everything will very quickly drop back into place, so please don't worry. For everyone else, the learning process will pick up and run pretty much as before and hopefully we will have you all working towards those tests soon, but please remember theory tests will have been delayed too. Booking yours up and working towards that should be a priority, if you have not done so yet.


In terms of cancellations the usual 24 hours' notice rule applies or the lesson may be fully chargeable. The only exception to this will be if you are displaying symptoms of the virus. If this is the case, as required by the government, you will need to book a coronavirus test. When you do this you will be given a confirmation from the service and provided you send me a copy of this, any cancellation fee will of course be waived.

I am really looking forward to getting back on the road again and seeing my old pupils and meeting the new ones! Whilst the new procedures will feel strange at first, I think they will quickly become the new normal (certainly for a while) and if we all work together I'm sure they won't become too irksome.



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